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Personal blog for all my random fandom feels. This will include but are not limited to:

• Game of Thrones
• Gankutsuou
• Adventure Time
• Marvel/DC
• Avater/Legend of Korra
• Video games
• Ava's Demon
• Hannibal
• Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
• Shingeki no Kyojin.
And various other nonsense.

Most recent addition:
• Kill la Kill
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Actual ending of Thor 1

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MCU Challenge [3 of 5 Characters | Darcy Lewis]

I am not dying for six college credits!

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bye my feels

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I tried to resist

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"Loki is the bad guy. He is the most charming bad guy. He is elegant, he is powerful, he is a player, but also has a broken heart. It’s a bit tragic because the family is divided. He is angry and jealous and greedy, but finally, I think, deep down, Loki loves his brother." (Hiddleston)

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Thor: The Dark World + green & gold

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I romanticized you
to the point where
the knives you pressed
into my skin
began to look
like Cupid’s arrows (x)

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"You come home."
“I don’t have it.”

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